World Smallest Magnetic Power Bank

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These days, smartphones are a part of our daily life! We use them for tasks, checking social media, posts or just playing your favorite games over lunch.

We present the world smallest magnetic power bank. This small device solves your problem of running out of battery life on your phone, you can charge any kind of smart phone, the size of your finger, it allows you to carried it anywhere therefore, very convenient and easy to carry. It is waterproof and in 20 minutes, this tiny Magnetic Power Bank can give an iPhone8 25% of power boost so, 4 of this Magnetic Power Bank can maintain your phone fully charge and also the charging station is portable battery with 5000mAh and with a magnetic cable it is also ideal to charge your phone. I carry mine near me all the times as the phone plays a very import part in my day-to-day life.


Product net weight: 285g
Product gross weight: 380g
Product color: black, white
Big power bank: 145.5*77.8*16mm/5.72*3.06*0.62in
Small power bank: 70*31*12mm/2.75*1.22*0.47in
Packing box size: 15*11.2*3.8cm/5.9*4.4*1.49in
Micro USB input voltage: 5VDC
Micro USB input current: 2.5A
The charging port is the Android interface, and the output port is the USB 2.0 protocol.

The standard accessories included:

5000mAh polymer lithium battery large magnetic charging base *1PC
1000mAh polymer lithium battery small magnetic power bank *4PCS
for Apple magnetic head *1PC
Android magnetic head *1PC
Type-c magnetic head* 1PC
Buckles*4 PCS

Android interface charging cable *1PC